We here at the home of WeGrowemBig.com are offering individuals or couples the opportunity to spend the day with a forester.  This is a unique opportunity to spend an entire day one on one with a Registered Forester learning the ins and outs of timber and land management from a professional.  Your day will include visiting actual forestry operations in the field and hands on instruction in Forestry and Land Management basics.

Your day will include as much as the following as we can pack into it:

Visiting  an active logging operation
Visiting and inspecting a tract of timberland
Forestry Basics such as:

Reforestation Practices
Harvesting Techniques
Timber Valuation Methods

Land Management Basics such as:
Legal Descriptions basics
How to Read a Real Property Deed
Reading and using a compass to locate Boundary Lines
Reading Maps (Topographic and Aerial)
The Do's and Don't's of buying timberland
Online tools that make timberland evaluation eaiser

Forestry Students                  Free
Up to 2 People                 $ 250.00


(205) 221-7999